Free Express Delivery on All Orders Above CHF50.00 & CHF3.00 Donated to the Children Hospital Zurich per Box Free Express Delivery on All Orders Above CHF50.00 & CHF3.00 Donated to the Children Hospital Zurich per Box

Corporate Offering

Becoming a parent is not an easy job. We have thousand of questions and this new role involves in fact one of the most emotionally and physically challenging jobs in the world.

As parents, we want to offer our children the best, specially the right tools to support their development. For this reason, we spend so many hours looking in the internet for the right toys and tools , but how do you choose the right age-appropriate toys from millions of toys out there, toys that are not just safe and sustainable but that also support their babys' development?

Therefore, we are convinced that our Genius Boxes can be a great solution and a thoughtful new parents gifts for your valuable employees. Here are some reasons why:

  • Early child learning is crucial and detrimental for our next generation’s development 
  • Our boxes (each containing 5 learning toys) ensure that parents get the best available products, taking into consideration safety and sustainability. We already did the research and we want to help
  • Our boxes are great perks for new parents – they are thoughtful (much more than just a monetary gift) and are a fantastic opportunity to show true employee appreciation
  • Supporting new parents should increase retention, support corporate “belonging” (especially in a hybrid work environment), allows new parents to focus on work and hopefully also eases the transition back to work. As a mother myself, I remember that I felt appreciated when I received a small corporate surprise for the birth of my baby. It is a great opportunity to say thank you
  • Our offering can be fully customized to your liking (e.g. smaller boxes, corporate branding / greeting cards etc.) and no upfront setup / recurring charges apply given our “pay as you use” model. We also happily extend an employee discount for any subsequent subscription sign-ups.

Send us an e-mail ( or complete the contact form bellow and we would be more that happy to send you our Corporate Presentation and schedule a call.